Welcome to the Ray Bergman On-Line Museum

If you have a great passion for fishing, particularly fly fishing,
then you are definitely going to want to see this collection.
Ray Bergman's collection is by far, one of the most finest, detailed and most highly
sought after of all the fishing greats of our time in fishing history. What you will see in this collection
from the early 1920's through Ray's passing in 1967 is his earliest articles and books he wrote,
his rare collection of Flies, Wet, Dry, Streamers and Bass plugs and lures.
Not to mention probably the rarest Dickerson and Leonard Rods
that have only been seen in Ray's articles that he wrote throughout his writing career.
His hand painted Fly plates and other art worked he acquired.
Never before seen photos of Ray and his loving wife Grace whom he shared his life with.
This collection is also a love story between the Bergman's and my father,
which I am going to share with you.
Instead of driving or flying to an Adirondack or Catskill Fly Fishing Museum,
this Museum is only a mouse click away!
Each month I will put up 5-10 New items, and describe in detail the history that I know
about each item.
I'm certain that you will be fascinated by this collection. Due to the enormity of this collection,
and the time spent researching and cataloging

I am requesting a $1.50 donation to view this rare and highly sought after collection.

**** Status Update: 01-01-2012****

As the owner of this collection has not given me anything to add in quite sometime,
subscriptions are *NOT* currently being accepted, until such time as New items are added.
Thanks for your understanding

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currently be up to the expectations that you may have experienced with other "On-Line Museums". It will only
get better as we progress. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I will by being able to bring this
wonderful collection of fishing history to you.

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